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Green Shadow

Year Planted: 1995
Trees Planted: 5,000
Location: Romania

The project aims to develop the landscape along the Husnicioara mine-path and coal transporting stripe by planting a tree curtain. The site for planting was chosen in this region (located on the shores of the Danube in SW Romania) because of intense deforestation and soil erosion. Planting a tree curtain is one of the most effective forms of ecological reconstruction for such an area. Tree species were chosen that would afford the highest benefits, especially recreational. The site was prepared by leveling the ground and fertilizing the soil, and 5000 seedlings were planted. Also contributing to the project was the Society for Silvic Progress, who provided forest expertise. The 'Green Shadow' tree curtain improved the landscape for both mine workers and people living in neighboring villages.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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