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Libertad del Sur Reforestation Project

Year Planted: 2009
Trees Planted: 70,000
Location:Upper Parana Atlantic Forest, Paraguay

The Upper Parana Atlantic Forest, stretching across the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, is one of the most biologically important ecosystems in the world, and one of the most endangered rainforests.  The Atlantic Forest has been subject to massive deforestation, and less than 5% of the original forest cover remains.  The Libertad del Sur Reforestation Project, located in Southeastern Paraguay, is part of a prioritized river-forest conservation corridor between the San Rafael Conservation Area and the Parana River and is an important component of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest.  This project contributed to the creation of a conservation corridor that will help to maintain the genetic flow between high biodiversity forests remnants in the Atlantic Forest.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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