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Project Name: Reforestation of Abra Patricia and Huembo Reserves in Northern Peru

Year Planted: 2010
Trees Planted: 50,000
Location: Peru

This project reforested 50 acres of permanently protected land at the globally-significant Abra Patricia and Huembo Reserves in northern Peru with 50,000 trees of native, local species. Over the past five years, ABC and ECOAN have protected land at these reserves through direct acquisition and the creation of permanent easements. ABC and ECOAN have reforested parts of these reserves that were degraded before protection by logging, agricultural clearing for grazing and crops.The primary tropical forests of Abra Patricia have been identified as a priority for protection by the Alliance for Zero Extinction as they represent the only remaining site in the world for the Critically Endangered Ochre-fronted Antpitta and Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey. Huembo Reserve, located 16 miles away from Abra Patricia Reserve, is home to the Endangered Marvelous Spatuletail hummingbird, one of the rarest hummingbirds in the world. Huembo Reserve was created by ABC and ECOAN to save this species from extinction.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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