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A Community Forest in Villianur Commune

Year Planted: 2010
Trees Planted: 150,000
Location: India

The Union Territory of Pondicherry, India is facing a critical time regarding water resource planning. In Pondicherry, as in many other places, water is a resource that is diminishing because of the overuse and pollution resulting from urbanization and industrialization. A second serious problem the territory faces is ground water depletion, because the areas continuing urbanization has deforested so many acres of land. There are no trees here to help keep the soil in good condition, which in turn lessens the ability of the soil to hold on to water. In order to combat this problem, the project will plant 150,000 trees on 25-30 acres to improve water conditions in Pondicherry.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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