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Fruit Tree Plantation at Niamina Samhung - Phase One

Year Planted: 1996
Trees Planted: 3,526
Location: Gambia

The Gambia Rural Development Agency, along with Kafo, a local womens group, designed a womens tree garden in Nuimi District, Gambia. The site was selected by the local community to meet their needs, ensuring community ownership and acceptance of the site and allowing for future expansion. Women were granted the land rights to this plot by the village chiefs, helping to empower them. Partnering with American Forests and gaining assistance from the Department of Forestry; Kafo and local youth groups planted the more than 3,500 fruit trees before the rainy season. The area was fenced off by local men to protect the growing trees from predation. In addition to fruit-bearing trees, GARDA helped to dig two wells, eliminating the half kilometer walk the villagers previously had to make for water. Until the trees mature and bear fruit, the community will have access to the land to use as a garden, ensuring the trees will not be neglected. The community will receive additional support from the Department of Forestry, GARDA and other NGO in the form of workshops and educational session on the care of the trees.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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