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Name of Project: China Mangrove Protection Project (Phase III)

Number of Trees Planted: 330,000

Directly Benefits: Mangrove ecosystem

Location: China

Year: 2010


·         Restore China’s mangrove ecosystem

·         Educate the local communities  of the importance of mangrove forests

·         Reforest 74 acres of mangrove forests


Notable Highlights

This project is a continuation of American Forests’ partnership with the Putian Green Sprout Coastal Wetlands Research Center for the second consecutive year. Increased mangrove forest cover and improved community outreach efforts were the significant accomplishments of this project.

China’s mangroves are being lost at an alarming rate. In just 50 years, 70 percent of the country’s mangrove forests have disappeared. This is not just a problem for China, but has become a globally significant  issue. These special trees are not only important for migratory birds, but also provide breeding grounds for economically important fish,  as well as natural coastal protection for millions of people. The mangroves planted in this project are key to the survival of China’s mangrove forests.

This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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Critical Issues