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China Mangrove Protection Project (Phase II)

Year Planted: 2009
Trees Planted: 360,000
Location: China

China's mangroves are being lost at an alarming rate. In 50 years, 70% of the country's mangrove forests have vanished. Mangroves are important as habitat for migratory birds, as breeding ground for many fish species, and as a source of protection for coastal human inhabitants. Goals of this project will include raising public awareness of conservation, mangrove ecosystem restoration, and promoting sustainable community development. In order to raise public awareness, textbooks and handbooks about wetland conservation will be distributed. Publicity will be achieved by campaigning in 100 schools and communities located near the mangrove forest in southeastern China. A mangrove conservation website will be developed, as well as magazines. To restore the mangrove ecosystem, 200,000 trees will be planted in a 20 hectare area. Also, 50,000 seedlings will be grown in a nursery in order to assure a high rate of survival. With the aim of promoting sustainable development, an educational workshop will be held on mangrove sustainability, and at least 10 schools will be chosen as China Mangrove Sustainable Developmental Education Campus Schools (CMSDECS). Scientific research will be conducted and governmental promotion will be prioritized.The China Mangrove Protection Project is a long term and permanent program since 2001. It has united specialists, scientists, and scholars to work for mangrove forest conservation. The Greenwild Association has been awarded much national and international recognition for environmental work. Some awards include the Earth Prize in 2002, the World Conservation and Environmental Prize in 2004, and the Whitley Award in 2008.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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