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Sudbury Land Reclamation #1- Ontario

Year Planted: 1999
Trees Planted: 235,000
Location: Canada

This project was part of a massive land reclamation effort by the Region of Sudbury consisting of reforesting an area that was turned barren due to mining activity and smelting. Sudbury was 'put on the map' when astronauts from NASA were sent to train there because the terrain was similar to the moonscape. Since then, land reclamation has consisted of treatments with lime and fertilizers and millions of trees have been planted. In 1999 American Forests and Eddie Bauer sponsored the planting of 235,000 jack pine trees. This project included many local volunteers and community groups. There were also educational components to the reclamation, as students were brought in to help with the planting of trees. Tree Canada Foundation additionally supported this project.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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