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Maritsa-East Coal Mine Reclamation

Year Planted: 1995
Trees Planted: 1,200
Location: Bulgaria

A project of forest-biological recultivation is to be implemented in the largest complex of open-cast coal mines in Bulgaria, located near the communities of Gulubovo, Radnevo and other settlements in the Haskovo district. The deep economic crisis in the country has brought the recultivation to a stop since 1990. An area of 160 ha has been prepared for biological recultivation but extensive erosion is underway due to inactivity. This is a pilot project in which forest tree species resistant to aggravated climatic and soil conditions in Bulgaria are to be used. The expected results will be used in updating the existing standards and the practical work on recultivation under changed climatic conditions. The implementation of the project will be a contribution of Bulgaria to discharging its obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate Change.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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