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Bayou Bartholomew III

Year Planted: 2003
Trees Planted: 175,000
Location: Arkansas

Bayou Bartholomew begins its journey northwest of the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and flows approximately 300 miles before crossing the Louisiana border on its way to joining the Ouachita River. It is heralded as the longest bayou in the world. Lined in portions with cypress and tupelo swamps and inhabited by alligators and large turtles, visited by wintering waterfowl, containing over one-hundred and thirty species of fishes, this bayou is truly a wonder of nature. While the bayou has escaped many of the negative effects of channelization, so common to other parts of the delta, this riparian area still suffers from previous deforestation and agriculturalization. The watershed provides important habitat for many endangered, threatened, and sensitive species like American alligator, snapping turtle, and bald eagle. 175,000 water, Shumard, willow, nuttall, overcup, and cherrybark oaks are being planted in Jefferson, Lincoln and Drew counties this year as part of this multi-year effort.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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