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Name of Project: Trees for Tigers

Number of Trees Planted: 130,000

Directly Benefits: Siberian Tiger

Location: Russia

Year: 2002


·         Increase the Siberian tiger’s habitat

·         Reforest 370 acres


Notable Highlights

American Forests teamed up with the Far Eastern Branch of the Pacific Institute of Geography, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Federal Forest Service's Primorsky Krai Department of Forestry to plant 130,000 trees in the Russian Far East as part of the Trees for Tigers campaign.

The Trees for Tigers project was designed to restore forest habitat for the endangered Siberian tiger. The planting of native Korean pines, a keystone species in the area, increased the habitat and provided food for the tiger’s prey and for nearby residents.  Korean pines are an essential link in the Siberian tiger’s food web.

This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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