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Name of Project:  Migratory Bird Habitat Restoration of Two Key Sectors of the Papaloapan Watershed, Veracruz

Number of Trees to be Planted: 120,000

Directly Benefits: Migratory birds

Location: Veracruz, Mexico

Year: 2011


  • Provide habitat for migratory birds


Notable Highlights

American Forests is partnering with Pronatura Veracruz to restore areas that have undergone deforestation in order to provide land for cattle ranching and sugar cane production. American Forestsbegan working on this project in 2010, with the hope of providing restored habitat for migratory birds. Nearly 67 percent of the 341 species of neotropical migratory birds registered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service pass through or spend the winter in Veracruz, including the endangered golden-cheeked warbler (Dendroica chrysopharia) and the threatened cerulean warbler (Dendroica cerulean).

This project will also restore forests in the riparian zone along the Papaloapan River. This area was severely damaged by flooding after Hurricane Karl in September 2010. The force of the river destroyed whole sections of the highway, and removed drainage ducts, aquaculture ponds, and houses. This also caused flooding in the interior section of the region. Planting trees will help to stabilize the zone and absorb stormwater runoff.

This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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Critical Issues