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Lindsay Landfill

Year Planted: 1996
Trees Planted: 11,750
Location: Oklahoma

Near Lindsay, Oklahoma, the Fun Country Resource Conservation and Development Association planted 11,750 trees on a 14 acre landfill. As the landfill is adjacent to the Washita River, the river was washing away the bank and exposing the landfill waste. The landfill, which opened in 1940, was closed and covered with soil. A rock riprap barrier was installed along the river bank, but further stabilization was needed. This planting will help stabilize the soil to prevent sedimentation and wind or water erosion into the Washita River. Other benefits include aesthetics and food and habitat for wildlife. Organizations assisting in this project include the City of Lindsay, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Oklahoma Department of Forestry and the Garvin Conservation District.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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