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Name of Project: Centennial Trail

Number of Trees Planted: 17,051

Directly Benefits: Users of the Spokane Centennial River Trail and the riparian zone

Location: Washington

Year: 1995


·         Restore native riparian vegetation along the trail

·         Instill environmental stewardship values in students

·         Reforest 28 acres


Notable Highlights

American Forests and the Spokane County Conservation District restored the native riparian vegetation along the Spokane Centennial River Trail and at an important Native American historical site at Drumheller Springs City Park by planting 17,051 trees.

The vegetation along the Centennial Trail had been damaged by the construction of the trail and the park, by individuals dumping and vandalizing the area, and as a result of noxious weeds invading the riparian zone.

The other main objective of this project was to instill environmental stewardship values in students by incorporating ecological principles and activities related to native habitat restoration in school curricula.  With the assistance of the District and teachers, the students developed plans for the restoration sites, including species selection and the creation of maps.  Students learned about the importance of riparian zones to water quality, received instructions on planting trees and carried out the actual planting.  This project will also provide food and shelter to wildlife, increase water quality and publicly demonstrate stewardship.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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