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Name: 2011 Red Mountain Restoration

Number of Trees to be Planted: 86,000

Directly Benefits: Wildlife

Location: Idaho

Year: 2011


  • Reforest 572 acres of forest damaged by wildfire
  • Stabilize steep mountainside areas
  • Increase available habitat for plants and animals


Notable Highlights

American Forests is partnering with the USDA Forest Service to replant areas of the Boise National Forest. This project will help alleviate erosion of the area’s steep mountain slopes, improving water quality throughout the watershed. Because the area’s terrain is so rugged, seedlings to be used for the planting will have to be transported to the site by mules.

Wildfires devastated the area in 2006 and 2007, impacting the local wildlife. This project will speed up the natural rate of restoration and provide forest habitat more quickly to the animals that need it to thrive, such as lynxes, boreal owls, northern goshawks, and northern three-toed woodpeckers.


Map of the site area, areas to be planted are highlighted in pink.

This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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Critical Issues