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Name of Project: Kraft Springs Fire Rehabilitation

Number of Trees to be Planted: 635,000

Directly Benefits: Wildlife

Location: Montana

Year: 2011


  • Reforest 900 acres
  • Restore areas damaged by wildfires
  • Provide habitat for area wildlife


Notable Highlights

American Forests is partnering with the USDA Forest Service to reforest areas within the Custer National Forest. This area has been damaged by multiple wildfires, occurring in 1998 and 2002. The area continues to see an increase in wildfires due in part to a changing climate which has created warmer and dryer conditions. These conditions have allowed wildfires to burn with previously uncharacteristic severity.

As a result of the wildfires, forested habitat has been reduced by 69 percent. Reforesting this area with ponderosa pine will increase habitat and food supply for elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, and goshawk.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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