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Blacklead Whitebark Pine Restoration

Year Planted: 2005
Trees Planted: 11,615
Location: Idaho

This high elevation site was burned by wildfire in August of 2003. A mixture of 11,000 whitebark pine and lodgepole pine seedlings was planted throughout the 40-acre project area. Whitebark pine populations are in decline across the intermountain West due to the exotic pathogen white pine blister rust and the threat of the mountain pine beetle. This planting will help restore whitebark pine to this site. Whitebark pine provides an important food source for the grizzly bear, Clark's nutcracker, and red squirrels. It is also a foundation species for protecting watersheds as it tolerates harsh, windswept sites that other conifers cannot, the shade of its canopy regulates snowmelt runoff and soil erosion, and its roots stabilize rocky and poorly developed soils.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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