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From Fire to Flooding

by Loose Leaf Team
Smoke plume for the Waldo Canyon Fire

By Michelle Werts

Sometimes, certain regions of the country just can’t catch a break.

Last year, the Colorado Springs area was devastated by the Waldo Canyon Fire, which was the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history until this year’s Black Forest Fire. The Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed more than 300 homes; a year later, approximately 200 of those homes are either already or in the process of being... (Read More)

More Than a Forest

by Loose Leaf Team
Cabinet Mountains from Bull River Road, Kootenai National Forest

By Michelle Werts

It’s a land of Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, mountain hemlock, western redcedar, black cottonwood, quaking aspen and more. It’s 2.2 million acres of mountains, river valleys, hills, lakes and forest. Today, Kootenai National Forest celebrates its 107th anniversary of being part of the National Forest System — and we celebrate years of partnership with it.

Located along the border of n... (Read More)

Run, Salmon, Run

by Loose Leaf Team
Standardized Precipitation Index map - Loose Leaf July 2013

By Michelle Werts

It’s farmer vs. fisherman in California.

The battleground is the Klamath River and at stake are the abundant agricultural fields of California’s Central Valley and the lives of thousands upon thousands of endangered Chinook salmon. No pressure.

The instigator of this conflict is ages old and drought is its name. As you can see from the standardized precipitation index map from the Nat... (Read More)

At Home in the Trees

by Loose Leaf Team
Kirtland’s warbler

By Michelle Werts

Everyone knows that birds and trees have a special relationship. For birds, trees provide shelter and food, and for many trees, birds help them reproduce by distributing their seeds. But this relationship can’t be taken for granted, and to protect one, we must protect the other.

During my Michigan adventure last week, my colleagues and I visited Hiawatha National Forest, where American For... (Read More)

A Burning Alaska

by Scott Maxham
Cloudy Alaskan wilderness

Since it seems the media only highlights the forest fires that take place in the lower 48 states, many people would be surprised to know that millions of acres of forestland is burned in Alaska each year. Yes, you read correctly, Alaska. The National Interagency Fire Center reports that Alaskan fires have burned 1,043,908 acres so far this year. In comparison, this is 10 times the amount of acres that have burned in California this year. I... (Read More)

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