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American Forests & Alcoa Foundation: Year Two of a Globally-Driven Collaboration

by American Forests
2012 Muskegon Conservation District project

By Andrew Bell, Policy Intern

For part two of the “Partnership for Trees” celebratory blog series, we’ll take a glance back at 2012, a year that brought nine projects and more than 270,000 new trees to life. Here’s two more projects that showcase not only versatility and a commitment to restoration, but also the partnership’s shared vision of engaging communities for years to come.

At home in the U.... (Read More)

Riparian Restoration on the Upper Greenbrier River

by American Forests
Rainbow trout

By Sydney Mucha, Communications Intern

West Virginia is known as the mountain state or the coal state to most people, but to me it is home. I was born and raised in a state filled with natural beauty that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see and where trout streams ran on for miles. And, while this is not actually true, it did feel like it when my father and I would make a day trip up to the mountains for fishi... (Read More)

GR25: Planting Trees in Response to Disaster in 1996

by Megan Higgs
Downtown Pripyat in 2012.

Trees and forests emanate innumerable benefits for humans — they are nature’s simultaneous cleaning crew, carbon sinks and aesthetic enhancers. However, they can also be incredible healers, protectors and signs of both hope and remembrance when most needed.

For American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program, 1996 marked an extremely successful year, with hundreds of thousands of trees being planted across 20 states and four countries... (Read More)

American Forests & Alcoa Foundation: Year One of a Globally-Driven Collaboration

by American Forests
Volunteers at the 2011 “Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum” project.

By Andrew Bell, Policy Intern

This year marks the fifth year of a globally-successful partnership between American Forests and Alcoa Foundation, collectively known as the two organizations’ “Partnership for Trees.” Through this partnership, part of Alcoa’s “Ten Million Trees” by 2020 initiative, American Forests and Alcoa Foundation together have restored forests, cultivated green spaces and inspired vol... (Read More)

GR25: Loyal Partners for Restoration in 1997

by Jami Westerhold
Planting in LRGV

If you follow American Forests pretty regularly, our project highlight for 1997 will not be a huge surprise. In 1997, we began our long-standing relationship working in Texas in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV). Though this project is not our oldest, it is American Forests’ longest running project that has been consistent since it began 18 years ago. American Forests has helped plant more than two million trees, restoring more than 4,0... (Read More)

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