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Haiti Reborn: Restoring Natural Habitats in Gros-Morne, Artibonite, Haiti

by American Forests
Citron fruit

By Sydney Mucha, Communications Intern

Even before 2010, Haiti was considered a struggling country. The land was exploited for natural resources, farming took over and what little infrastructure there was had not been kept up to date. Then, the unimaginable happened in 2010; an earthquake struck on January 12th, killing anywhere from 100,000-200,000 people, damaging houses, buildings and the natural habitat.

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GR25: Planting for the Gopher Tortoise in 1994

by Megan Higgs
Gopher Tortoise

We’re nearing the finish line, Global ReLeaf enthusiasts! If there’s one story that conjures images of finish lines, it would be none other than the illustrious tale of the tortoise and the hare — a tale that reminds each of us of the virtues of patience. After all, slow and steady wins the race!

But, what about the race to save the tortoise itself?

American Forests has a longstanding history of protecting and restoring... (Read More)

American Forests and Alcoa Foundation: Year Three of a Globally-Driven Collaboration

by American Forests
Hannover/Hildesheim region, Germany.

By Andrew Bell, Policy Intern

The Partnership for Trees’ torch was carried fervently into 2013, furthering a continual success characterized by community engagement and a thoughtful approach to outreach. With over 177,000 trees planted, 19 projects implemented and 1,200 acres of land restored, American Forests and Alcoa Foundation kept the foot on the gas in revitalizing the world’s green places. At the same tim... (Read More)

GR25: Getting Down and Dirty with Tree Planting in 1995

by Megan Higgs
Forested land in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

When one thinks of Oklahoma, one thinks of plains, great comfort food, and friendly down-to-earth residents. But, with vast expanses of grasslands, what does Oklahoma offer in terms of forests?

Oklahoma is actually considered a crossroads for a variety of forest types: western grassland meets eastern woodlands, while there are Ozark hardwoods, nearby Ponderosa pines from the Rockies and swampy cypresses near Louisiana all intermingl... (Read More)

American Forests & Alcoa Foundation: Year Two of a Globally-Driven Collaboration

by American Forests
2012 Muskegon Conservation District project

By Andrew Bell, Policy Intern

For part two of the “Partnership for Trees” celebratory blog series, we’ll take a glance back at 2012, a year that brought nine projects and more than 270,000 new trees to life. Here’s two more projects that showcase not only versatility and a commitment to restoration, but also the partnership’s shared vision of engaging communities for years to come.

At home in the U.... (Read More)

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