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GR25: Planting along the Anacostia in 1991

by Megan Higgs
Sunset over the Anacostia River

Welcome back, ReLeaf enthusiasts! While it’s been a long road and we’re entering the home stretch, this week’s journey certainly isn’t too far from home for us here at American Forests. In fact, we’re venturing just across D.C. borders to replant with our northern neighbor, Maryland, at the Anacostia River Park!

During this 1991 venture, we partnered with the Prince George’s Departments of Environmental Resources and... (Read More)

Wildfires Extend Beyond the Wild in Bastrop, Tex.

by American Forests
Bastrop Complex Fire

By Amelia Loeb, Communications Intern

Wildfires scorch more than just wild vegetation. They extend beyond the forest, where one might go hiking over the weekend, and impact the lives of thousands of people. Climate change and severe weather patterns create conditions favorable for wildfires of increased severity. These fires spread more easily and burn at a higher temperature, with a net result of increased damage t... (Read More)

GR25: Restoring Tropical Forests in Hawaii in 1992

by Megan Higgs

Lush tropical forests, brightly colored birds and pristine beaches: here in our D.C.-based office, these are all images that certainly evoke envy on a cold, misty December day. They also represent the next site of our 25-year Global ReLeaf journey: Hawaii, the incredibly biodiverse archipelago that comprises our 50th state.

But, with how naturally beautiful Hawaii is, why is there a need to plant more trees?

By essentially be... (Read More)

GR25: Reforesting Former Strip Mines in 1993

by Megan Higgs
Stark comparison between strip-mined land and untouched land in background.

As our journey continues in 1993, we venture into reforesting the aftermath of a practice that had been going on for much longer than 22 years — and a venture that is still equally important today, as evidenced by both past and present Global ReLeaf work.

This undertaking involves none other than the reclamation and reforestation of land affected by strip mining. Strip mining, which involves the removal of a long strip of overlyin... (Read More)

The Meaning of 50 Million Trees: Scott Steen Speech

by American Forests
American Forests President & CEO, Scott Steen

Scott Steen, president and CEO of American Forests, gave the following speech on Wednesday, November 11th, at the planting of American Forests’ 50 millionth tree.

“There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’

Well, 25 years ago, American Forests started the Global ReLeaf program with a simple, compelling mission — to find thre... (Read More)

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