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Global ReLeaf Goes Swimmingly in Vermont

by Loose Leaf Team
American Forests is helping restore damages to the White River through reforestation.  Photo: Selbe & Lily/Flickr By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern Throughout National Rivers Month, we have taken a look at American Forests’ efforts to preserve rivers across the country. The Washington and New Mexico Global ReLeaf projects we discussed demonstrate the importance of trees to the rivers and, in turn, to the animals that rely on those rivers for survival. Another Global ReLeaf project that illustrates this relationship began in 2013, when ... (Read More)

Dive in to National Rivers Month

by Loose Leaf Team
Riparian forests help improve water quality, mitigate erosion and provide wildlife habitat.By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern June offers us many occasions to celebrate: the end of school, the beginning of summer and, among all the season’s celebrations, National Rivers Month! All of these events encourage us to get outside and take advantage of this gift that Mother Nature has granted us. Across the country, rivers serve people, animals and plants in a variety of ways. Humans rely on rivers for drinking water and re... (Read More)

A Rainbow of Global ReLeaf Projects for 2014

by Susan Laszewski
Golden lion tamarins. In its 24th year, American Forests Global ReLeaf is adding 33 new and continuing projects to the list of ways we’re helping forests around the world. And let me tell you, these projects are as diverse as the rainbow! Whether you call them red, orange or yellow, golden lion tamarins are facing a plight that has American Forests Global ReLeaf heading back to Brazil for the first time in 11 years. Brazil’s Atlantic forest is the only plac... (Read More)

Stopping Deforestation, Helping Business

by Loose Leaf Team
Deforestation from an Indonesian palm oil plantationBy John-Miguel Dalbey A recent interview published in E&E News suggests that practices which prevent deforestation may actually be good for business. Unilever, an international umbrella corporation headquartered in London, recently joined the 2013 Commitment to Development "Ideas in Action." CEO Paul Polman, in the same E&E News interview from February 12, argues that such sustainable practices are in fact beneficial for both the envir... (Read More)

The Importance of Core Forests

by Loose Leaf Team
A series of dune habitats in Indiana have been fragmented by roadwaysBy John-Miguel Dalbey A bill has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House which would make it easier for industries such as gas to drill and develop in forests that could possibly be home to endangered plants or animals or other sensitive species. The ecological significance of “core forests” — forests surrounded by other forests — cannot be overstated. Compared to “fringe” forests or habitats —those surrounded by human devel... (Read More)

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