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A Forest Hero

by Loose Leaf Team
By Katrina Marland Last year, the United Nations designated 2011 as the International Year of Forests. Now, with the year over, the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat is working to determine the winners of its first-ever Forest Heroes Awards. The UN received 90 nominations for the award from 41 countries around the world. Ultimately, there will be only five winners: one for each geographic region (Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North Ame... (Read More)

Let’s Talk Turkey!

by Loose Leaf Team
By Michelle Werts I have a confession to make: prior to this moment, I had never contemplated the history of the turkey. Shocking, I know! But, oh, have I learned a myriad of fascinating, charming and downright alarming things about Thanksgiving’s signature bird. Wild turkeys are native to North America. Take that, Australia, and your adorable koalas. That’s right, we own the preeminent gobblers. In fact, there are five subspecies o... (Read More)

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