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Fire Season Off to Hot Start

by Scott Maxham
The 2008 Freeway Complex Fire in Riverside County, Calif.

On the West Coast, the forest fire season has started early this year due to a dry winter and spring. Areas of California that usually receive more than 10 inches of rain by early summer have only gotten about two inches so far. This has led Cal Fire to report that fire activity is up this year by 45 percent.

The threats of forest fire are not just domestic this year. Researchers from NASA have predicted that the Amazon will experie... (Read More)

Third Time’s Another Charm

by Susan Laszewski
Samarskaya Luka

Now, entering the third year, we’re excited both to continue our work in communities where the partnership has planted before and to work with new communities to reach more people with the benefits of trees.

We’ll be returning for the third year to places like Samara, Russia, and Whatcom County, Wash. In Samara, where we worked last year to turn a garbage site into a park, in its third year, the partnership is restoring p... (Read More)

A Wild, Wild World

by Loose Leaf Team
Threatened Louisiana black bear (Ursus americanus luteolus)

By Michelle Werts

150 million acres of protected land & water

1,000 species of fish

700 species of birds

250 species of reptiles and amphibians

220 species of mammals

This is the National Wildlife Refuge System, administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), by the numbers. A... (Read More)

The Spice of Life

by Loose Leaf Team
Brule Lake, Superior National Forest, Minnesota

By Michelle Werts

Have you ever been in one of those subdivisions where every house looks the same? Or how about have you ever had to eat the same leftovers for several days in a row? In my experience, the first experience leaves me feeling a little creeped out, while the second can become tiresome. As the old cliché goes, variety is the spice of life. The same exact thing is true in nature, which is why the United Nat... (Read More)

Endangered, But Protected

by Loose Leaf Team
The endangered woodland caribou

By Michelle Werts

Today is the eighth annual Endangered Species Day! In December 1973, President Nixon signed into law the Endangered Species Act, which charged the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with protecting not only the listed species, but “the ecosystems upon which they depend.” And for the last 40 years, the agencies have been developing and implem... (Read More)

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