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At the Sign of the Flying Goose

by Susan Laszewski
Pelican IslandNormally, geese fly south for the winter in flocks, returning in the spring and recognizable in their famous “v-formation.” But, there’s a singular goose that you can see flying solo year round in both Maine and Florida. You’ll see the same goose as far out into the Atlantic as the U.S. Virgin Islands and in the Pacific as far as Guam. This goose is in all 50 states and several U.S. territories. It’s the flying goose emblem that sign... (Read More)

Remember the Longleaf

by Loose Leaf Team
Longleaf pine. Credit: Randy Browning/USFWSBy Josh DeLacey When Alabama became a state in 1819, up to 90 million acres (140,000 square miles) of longleaf pine forests stretched across the southeastern United States. That’s an area almost the size of Montana — an area larger than all the national parks combined — all covered in towering pine trees. Early settlers described the forests as “limitless.” Now, just two million acres of longleaf forests remain — less than t... (Read More)

Revitalizing Los Angeles’ Backyard

by Loose Leaf Team
Volunteers doing restoration work in Angeles National ForestBy Michelle Werts For many Americans, spending time in a forest is a time-honored getaway: 42.5 million Americans or 15 percent of the U.S. population older than age six went camping in 2011. 67 percent of those campers camped in public campgrounds, like those of local, state and national parks and forests. Courtesy of the 2012 American Camper Report. Sometimes, though, our favorite getaway sites get caught in the path of forces ... (Read More)

One Generation’s Trash, Another’s Treasure

by Susan Laszewski
City trees in Samara, Russia Through our multi-year Partnership for Trees collaboration with Alcoa Foundation, hundreds of thousands of trees are being planted on damaged and degraded sites throughout the world, but one project in particular represents the epitome of “degraded”: a garbage dump. In Samara, Russia, American Forests and Alcoa employees are working with the Training Center for Ecology and Safety on Trees in the City — planting 180 trees in the city’s... (Read More)

Helping Our Backyard Birds

by Loose Leaf Team
blue jayBy Tacy Lambiase The 2013 Great Backyard Bird Count has begun! For 16 years, expert and amateur bird watchers have recorded which species of birds are residing in their neighborhoods during this unique four-day event. And from now until Monday, February 18, you can get involved and try your hand at bird watching, too. Wildlife observation can not only be fun, but it also helps to keep track of migration patterns and population sizes of va... (Read More)

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