American Forests was founded 136 years ago when a group of concerned citizens met in Chicago with a goal “to protect the existing forests of the country from unnecessary waste and to promote the planting of useful trees.” Without the dedicated efforts of our partners, supporters and members, it would be difficult to continue our mission to protect and restore America’s forests. Therefore, many of our programs and projects are dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of forests and trees and teaching individuals and groups about how to best care for their environment.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, American Forests will be planting trees in all 50 states through our Forests for Fifty campaign. Many of these reforestation efforts, including the ones below, will work with local communities to educate residents on the benefits of their trees and how to best ensure their survival. Other projects involve restoring forest ecosystems, protecting wildlife habitat and supporting urban forests. For more on our education efforts, head over to our Educating the Public page.

Education Projects

In Tok, Alaska, we will be partnering with the Alaska Community Forestry Program to plant trees throughout the community and will be working with the local schools and their students to reforest school grounds that were destroyed by wildfire.

Working with Up With Trees, we will be planting trees at Burroughs Elementary School in Tulsa, which will increase the community’s tree canopy, provide educational experiences for the students and reduce the energy needs of the school because of the cooling effect of trees.

Joining forces with the Montpelier Tree Board in Vermont, we are planting trees in downtown Montpelier, working with local landowners to plant trees on their property to further increase the tree canopy and educating community members on the importance of urban forests for their health, pocketbooks and the well being of the community.

How else is Forests for Fifty at work?