Redside dace

Redside dace. Credit: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Project Location:
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Key Activities:

  • Planting 15,300 trees across 18 acres
  • Establishing an oak-hickory forest in a newly formed conservation area

Project Description:
Alcoa Foundation, American Forests and Conservation Halton Foundation are planting 15,300 trees across 18 acres of the newly formed Glenorchy Conservation Area.

Why This Project:
In 2008, Glenorchy Conservation Area was established in the North Oakville area with a goal to restore the area to its native forests, wetland and grassland ecosystems. Prior to its designation, this area consisted of agricultural fields, abandoned buildings and more.

This planting is creating a much-needed buffer between a forest landscape being restored in the conservation area and a wetland area.

Why Glenorchy Conservation Area:
Parts of Glenorchy Conservation Area are within the Fourteen Mile Creek watershed, which is home to the endangered redside dace. Planting trees along riparian areas will improve water quality while decreasing erosion. As a visual feeder, the endangered fish will benefit from the clearer water this riparian area can provide.

In addition, the shade that the new trees provide will benefit of a number of aquatic species by lowering water temperatures, helping with dissolved oxygen levels.