Changwon, South Korea

View of Changwon, South Korea. Credit: Remi Cormier

Project Location:
ChangWon, Kyungnam Province, South Korea

Key Activities:

  • Planting 2,022 trees around a city school
  • Enhancing the urban forest
  • Providing environmental education to students and the local community

Project Description:
Alcoa Foundation, American Forests and Green ChangWon Making Movements Group are partnering to plant trees around a ChangWon elementary school to improve the area’s urban forest while providing educational opportunities for the students.

Why This Project:
Trees around schoolyards provide all of the normal ecosystem benefits of urban forests — cleaner air, stormwater control, cooling effects — but also the social benefits of enhanced and safer areas for children to play and enjoy their outdoor environments. This project is taking the idea of school trees one step further, though, by having the students help plant the trees and then making them responsible for maintaining the trees. By making tree care and stewardship part of their curriculum, the school is helping foster a new generation of forest advocates.

Why ChangWon:
Sitting along Masan Bay and alluvial plain of the Nakdong River, ChangWon has a history of popular beaches and parks. However, the city also has a strong industry and factory economy, so facilitating the environmental education of its young residents is essential to ensuring that the urban forest continues to be valued in the growing city.