Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao, Spain. Credit: Doomenicvs/Wikimedia

Project Location:
Multiple Locations, Spain

Key Activities:

  • Planting 5,000 trees across 14 acres
  • Restoring damaged forest ecosystems
  • Reconnecting forest fragments for the benefit of wildlife

Project Description:
Alcoa Foundation and American Forests alongside WWF Spain are planting 5,000 trees across six different areas of Spain to reforest degraded forest ecosystems.

Why This Project:
The six identified locations — Sierra del Rincón, Madrid; La Mariña, Lugo; La Coruña; Avilés; Amorebieta, Bilbao; and Alicante — all share a similarity: experiencing damaged forest landscapes. Some of the areas have been struggling against invasive species, while others have had their forested areas diminished due to development. Many of these areas have been left with fragmented forests, which have decreased biodiversity and habitat. This project is reforesting all six areas to reconnect the fragments and restore forest cover to these areas of Spain.

Why Spain:
Spain’s current forestland represents only 29 percent of what was once forested in the country. The loss of forest has led to a loss of biodiversity, increased soil erosion, diminished recreational space and habitat fragmentation. Compounding matters further is the fact that much of the existing forest is not as strong and healthy as it could be. Restoring Spain’s forests to better health is imperative for improving the overall ecosystems in the country, which increases water and air quality, wildlife habitat and more.