Samara. Credit: Lite/Wikimedia

Project Location:
Samara, Russia

Key Activities:

  • Planting nearly 200 trees across four schoolyards
  • Enhancing the urban forest
  • Providing environmental education to students and the local community

Project Description:
Working with The Training Center for Ecology and Safety in Samara, The Alcoa Foundation and American Forests are planting 190 trees on schoolyards to improve the learning and recreational environment for Samara’s students.

Why This Project:
This project has multiple components. First, teachers and students at eight schools in Samara, Russia, are learning about the benefits of trees and forests. Using this newfound knowledge, they are designing landscape projects that could be carried out at their school, and winning landscape designs are being implemented at four of the schools, with teachers, students, parents and more participating in this landscaping effort. Finally, the community is joining together to landscape the grounds of a boarding school for disabled children.

Why Samara Schools:
The eight schools participating in this program are in the Kirovskij District, a predominantly industrial area in the city of Samara. As a result of this industry, the schools have very little urban forest coverage, with only a sparse scattering of trees and little other landscaping. By enhancing the schools’ greenspaces, the learning and recreation environment of the students is being drastically improved, alongside other benefits such as cleaner air and water.