Massena, N.Y.

Massena, N.Y. Credit: Gary Stevens

Project Location:
Massena, N.Y.

Key Activities:

  • Planting 144 trees across Massena
  • Distributing 300 saplings to community homeowners
  • Promoting energy conservation through tree planting
  • Providing environmental justice for low- and moderate-income neighborhoods

Project Description:
Alcoa Foundation and American Forests are partnering with the Town of Massena Electric Department on its Green Efficient Massena Program, which is designed to promote energy conservation and improve tree coverage in underserved areas.

Why This Project:
The Massena Electric Department (MED) is leading an effort to restore urban trees that were lost to a 1998 ice storm by specifically targeting tree plantings in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. By working directly with its customers in these neighborhoods, MED is able to assure that the new trees are planted in optimal locations for energy conservation, as well-placed trees can drastically lower heating and cooling costs.

Why Massena:
Massena, N.Y., experienced the full force of the ice storm of 1998 — a storm that has gone down in history for its extreme ice accumulation, devastating millions of trees. Some of the Massena neighborhoods that were greatly damaged in the storm also lack the means to restore their urban forests. These include the Marie Street / Lawrence Avenue neighborhood — which had already lost many trees to construction when the storm struck — and the moderate- to low-income Park Avenue / Cornell Avenue, whose trees — some of the oldest in the city — are suffering from the lingering effects of the storm.