Urban trees planted in Pittsburgh.

Urban trees recently planted in Pittsburgh. Credit: Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

About the TreeVitalize Pittsburgh ReLeaf Project:

American Forests and Alcoa Foundation are partnering with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to restore a specific planting area in the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. A three-year maintenance plan is being developed and implemented and includes monitoring the health and mortality of the trees. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is assisting the Botanic Garden staff in developing this maintenance and monitoring plan and training their staff to undertake this work.

ReLeaf Location:
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Key ReLeaf Activities:
• Planting 1,800 trees, sourced from a diverse range of native tree seedlings, on three acres of land at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
• Developing a three-year maintenance and data collection plan for the planting site
• Conducting education and outreach efforts to engage the public, media, and volunteers

Why This ReLeaf Project?

This significant ecological restoration effort in the region will have measurable positive environmental, economic and social impacts that will only increase over time as the trees grow and mature and the land recovers. Improved wildlife habitat and aesthetics, cleaner water and air, and greater use of the land for recreation are all important outcomes of this project. Another outcome is research completed on these impacts that could be used for advocacy and policy change, which in themselves would be important outcomes.