A view of the Broadway Slavic Village Neighborhood.

A view of the Broadway Slavic Village Neighborhood. Credit: cjw_mgw_cleveland/Flickr

About the Broadway Slavic Village Tree Canopy ReLeaf Project:

The Slavic Village Recovery Area Project (SVRP) is taking place in a census tract that was once called “ground zero” in the nation’s foreclosure crisis. The project is focusing on vacant but structurally sound properties that can be rehabilitated at a relatively low cost to provide affordable single family housing for sale or rent. The strategy is to compliment the work being done in the SVRP area by creating “street edge” plantings on vacant lots.

ReLeaf Location:

Cleveland, Ohio

Key ReLeaf Activities:

  • Planting 55 trees on vacant lots to increase tree canopy
  • Improving soil quality and stormwater mitigation on vacant lots
  • Improving air quality in the neighborhood, helping decrease the number of respiratory illnesses

Why This ReLeaf Project?

Each tree planted will have cascading positive effects on this urban community, from improved perceptions of the community and neighborhood confidence to resident well-being and improved environmental quality. This project is improving soil quality, supporting adequate soil absorption, and increasing the amount of native plant species and availability of native habitats.

Why Trees and Air Quality?

The Broadway Slavic Village neighborhood has some of the highest numbers of asthma cases in Cuyahoga County. A vibrant tree canopy sequesters thousands of tons of CO2 and other pollution and, through the process of transpiration, releases oxygen into the air. By planting and maintaining a healthy urban forest, communities can offset air quality issues and subsequently improve the health and well-being of their residents, especially those with respiratory issues.