Local flora on CSU Channel Islands' campus.

Local flora on CSU Channel Islands’ campus. Credit: Andrew Rittenburg/Flickr

About the CSU Channel Islands ReLeaf Project:

Alcoa Foundation, American Forests and California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), are planting 400 to 500 trees across 22 acres on the university’s campus.

ReLeaf Location:

Camarillo, Calif.

Key ReLeaf Activities:

  • Planting 400 to 500 trees across 22 acres.
  • Restoring campus landscape.
  • Creating a space for educational activities and garden tours.

Why This ReLeaf Project?

The project is part of a greater campus beautification effort per the university’s master plan. The locations of the plantings and new trees will not only increase aesthetics, but also encourage wildlife habitat, notably for insects such as bees and Monarch butterflies, and serve as the backdrop for educational activities.

Why Campus Grounds?

Utilizing the campus as a living lab, CSUCI will continue to educate our students, as well as students from the local community colleges, and the greater community by addressing habitat and environmental issues such as water quality and quantity, soil quality, sustainability and wildlife diversity. University staff have seen an increase in the diversity of hunting birds such as raptors, whitetail kites, kestrels, four species of hawks, as well as aquatic birds. In addition, the university is promoting bee pollination and fostering Monarch butterfly migration through its Earth Day and Arbor Day outreach events, as well as through academic courses and programs.