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Forest Digest — Week of July 7

by American Forests
Forest protection elements in American Forests' 2014 Honduras reforestation project include holistic pest control, awareness building activities to discourage illegal logging and sustainable crop management.

TGIFF — Thank God It’s Forest Friday! Start your weekend off with our Forest Digest.

Here is this week’s news in trees:

“Amazon rainforest once looked more like savannas of Africa than a jungle”Mother Nature Network
Once upon a time, man-made trenches spread across Bolivia and Brazil. From these ditches grew the Amazon rainforest. What this indicates ... (Read More)

A Rainbow of Global ReLeaf Projects for 2014

by Susan Laszewski
Golden lion tamarins.

In its 24th year, American Forests Global ReLeaf is adding 33 new and continuing projects to the list of ways we’re helping forests around the world. And let me tell you, these projects are as diverse as the rainbow!

Whether you call them red, orange or yellow, golden lion tamarins are facing a plight that has American Forests Global ReLeaf heading back to Brazil for the first time in 11 years. Brazil’s Atlantic forest is the on... (Read More)

Fewer Beetles May Not Mean Fewer Concerns

by Susan Laszewski
These brown trees in Rocky Mountain National Park are casualties of the mountain pine beetle epidemic

Once the numbers came in from the U.S. Forest Service’s annual aerial survey last month, people started to feel hopeful: The mountain pine beetle was declining in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. In fact, the beetle infected fewer acres in Colorado in 2013 than in any year since 1998.

Through our Endangered Western Forests initiative, American Forests has been working to stem the tide of the mountain pine beetle. This native be... (Read More)

Video Break: Grizzly Bears

by Loose Leaf Contributor

It’s break time! Take a 60-second time-out to watch these adorable grizzly bears — and learn about the threat to their food supply and how you can help.

... (Read More)

Younger Trees Better Repel Mountain Pine Beetle

by American Forests
whitebark pine killed by mountain pine beetle

By Lisa Swann

A new study from researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder shows that younger trees with smoother bark are better at repelling the mountain pine beetle.

The epidemic pine beetle attack has spread across western states since 1996, affecting millions of acres of forest, including those in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Colorado doctoral student Scott Ferrenberg, who led the s... (Read More)