Grizzly bear
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The Need for Urban Parks

What if you lived in a blighted area with no public park or if your city or town ran out of money to keep your park clean and safe? It’s a depressing thought that is also a reality for so many. Congress can help with the Community Parks Revitalization Act.

Send a letter now showing your support for the act.

Canada lynx kitten
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Endangered in Minnesota

In a recent update of its endangered, threatened and special concern species list, Minnesota added more species than it removed, an alarming event that signals a need for stronger habitat management plans for the state’s wildlife and plants.

Discover Minnesota’s at-risk species.

Credit: Aaron Teasdale

The Long Ride

The Tour Divide is 2,800 miles of rugged forest terrain, unforgiving weather and endurance pushed to the limits, all from the saddle of a bike

Take a bicycle ride through the Rockies.

National co-champion alligator juniper

To Save a Tree

On June 18, the Doce Fire broke out in Prescott National Forest, Ariz., threatening the national co-champion alligator juniper, which was saved by the Granite Mountain Hotshots. A week later, 19 of them lost their lives bravely fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire. Prescott resident Cathleen Cherry shares what the alligator juniper and its survival has meant to the local community during its time of grief and loss.

Remember our brave wildland firefighters.

Credit: Cathleen Cherry




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