Aspen forest
Credit: Yuya Sekiguchi

Aspen in a Changing World

The adaptable aspen lives across the globe, from snowy high-elevation forests to dry deserts. But can this circumglobal super species adapt to a changing climate?

Glimpse what the future may hold for aspen.

Global ReLeaf planting in Ica, Peru
Credit: American Forests

In the Footsteps of Johnny Appleseed

Over two centuries ago, Johnny Appleseed planted fruit-bearing trees along the American frontier. Today, American Forests continues to plant fruit trees in communities that need them.

Join us on Johnny Appleseed’s trail.

Asbury Park tree planting event with American Forests
Credit: American Forests

Community ReLeaf in Asbury Park

American Forests and local partners were joined by volunteers from Bank of America and IKEA to plant 40 trees in the neighborhood surrounding Asbury Park’s West Side Community Center.

Take a stroll through Asbury Park’s urban forest.

Battery Kemble Park

Finding a Champion at a Civil War Fort

The Civil War Defenses of Washington once housed Union soldiers defending the nation’s capital. Now, they’re home to a new national champion chestnut oak, and D.C. has regained its place on the National Register of Big Trees.

Discover the new champion.

Credit: Geoff Livingston



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