Jack Wax
Credit: Yuya Sekiguchi

A Wild Crop and Backyard Harvest

Virtually every black walnut that makes its way to any grocer’s shelf gets there via Stockton, Mo., the unofficial, but incontestable black walnut capital of the world.

Meet the man who turns a wild crop into the nuts in your snack drawer.

Global ReLeaf planting in Ica, Peru
Credit: American Forests

The Serious Business of Leaf Peeping

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but Megan Smith, Vermont’s commissioner of Tourism and Marketing, heartily disagrees.

Find out what trees mean for northeastern economies and ecosystems.

Asbury Park tree planting event with American Forests
Credit: Jami Westerhold/American Forests

Field Work in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Director of Forest Restoration Jami Westerhold was joined by volunteers in Wyoming to get hands-on with the mountain pine beetle outbreak.

Witness one of the ways volunteers help us in our mission.

National champion red hickory

The Rise and Fall of Champions

The latest edition of the National Register of Big Trees welcomes more than 40 champions that are donning their crown for the first time.

Discover champions crowned, champions dethroned and ties broken.

Credit: Ohio Big Tree Program

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