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Measurement Techniques Webinars

Announcing a series of FREE tree-measuring webinars with Laser Technology, Inc., world leader in professional measurement and mapping lasers.
Learn how to measure potential champion trees.


Alcoa Foundation Partnership for Trees

The fourth year of our partnership with Alcoa Foundation is underway. From Georgia to Guinea, we’re working together to plant trees around the world.
See where we’re planting.

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Greening Brownfields

The BUILD Act would reinstate the EPA’s Brownfields Program, allowing funding for decontamination of abandoned industrial lands. The act is vital to the expansion of urban forestry and green spaces.

Support greening industrial sites in your city.

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Spring 2014 National Register of Big Trees

The National Register of Big Trees is the culmination of hours spent searching for, measuring and compiling the preeminent list of our nation’s most spectacular trees. Readers will discover changes in the world of big trees, species without champions and trees that have lost and won their champion tree status.
Find the latest champions.

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