Credit: Coreen Francis

Six Days, 25,000 Trees

Eight youth volunteers from the Nevada Conservation Corps planted 25,000 Jeffrey pines in a mere six days to restore a California fire-damaged forest owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Alpine County. Even more impressive, for many, this was their first tree planting experience!

Witness their efforts for this 2013 Global ReLeaf project.

Credit: Brian Chandler

Colonel Herman?

“My parents live 30 minutes from The Big Tree, the lackluster name that St. Francisville, La., locals call the national champ baldcypress. Our family recently starting visiting the tree every Thanksgiving. Since The Big Tree is the largest tree east of the Sierra Nevadas, my wife decided he should be named Colonel Herman in honor of General Sherman.”
~ Jesse Gaudet, American Forests Facebook fan

Credit: David Foster, Harvard Forest

An Ivy League Forest

Tucked away in New England is a special forest, where scientists are conducting cutting-edge, field research to discover the future of forests across the U.S.

Visit this living forest laboratory.

How to Protect a Tree

Ever wonder how you could save a special tree in your community from destruction? Wonder no more. Our National Big Tree Program recently launched a Tree Protection Toolkit that outlines all the steps you can and should take to save a favorite tree.

Discover our Tree Protection Toolkit.

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