Credit: Jared Bernard

A Precarious Partnership of Pine and Bird

High in the Rocky Mountain forests, a bird and a tree have relied on each other to thrive in harsh conditions. As one of them faces catastrophe, both may need new strategies for survival.

Find out why their ecological dance is out of step.

Support the SAFE Act

In the face of extreme weather caused by climate change, we need a strategy to help forests and wildlife adapt. That’s why American Forests supports the SAFE Act (S. 1202).
Urge your senators to support the SAFE Act.

Credit: Thomas Sewell

A Place for Palms

Little by little, tree by tree, W.S. Merwin created a lush grove of thousands of palms on the Maui hillside that he calls home — once considered a nutrient-depleted wasteland.

See the wasteland transform to a wonderland..

Big Tree Madness is Back

It’s bigger; it’s madder; it’s back for another year. The second annual Big Tree Madness is just around the corner. Vote on your favorite champs from across the country, NCAA tourney-style. Featuring 16 national champion trees, the competition tips off March 17 on our website and Facebook page.

Find out how to play.

Credit: Bob Hannah



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