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Volunteer With Us

Come out and help us save the whitebark pine of Bridger-Teton National Forest’s Squaw Basin later this month. American Forests and volunteers will help apply pheromone patches to whitebark pines to discourage beetle infestation.

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Credit: Muskegon Conservation District

A Global Partnership

This year, we’re planting more than 175,000 trees and restoring more than 500 acres of land In partnership with the Alcoa Foundation. These projects are taking place all over the globe, ranging from planting of fruit trees in Germany to buttonwoods in Tennessee.

Discover our 2013 Partnership for Trees projects.

Credit: Dave Boyle/National Park Service

Islands in the Balance

Hawai’i may be far from the mainland, but that doesn’t stop invasive species from moving in. We explore what is being done to save the forests and reintroduce native species.

Witness the fight in Hawai’i.

The Oldest of Its Kind

Most cucumbertree magnolia don’t live past 120 years, but in 2000, a then-419-year-old cucumbertree magnolia tree was almost cut down for being “mushy.” Thankfully, the tree was saved, and this national champion tree from Ohio still stands at the height of 96 feet.

Uncover the story and beauty of this national champion.

Credit: Ohio Big Tree Program




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