Grizzly bear
Credit: Josh Westerhold

To Save the Grizzly

A nature photographer and research ecologist agree: Our western forests are under siege. Beetles and disease are killing the trees and if the trees go, so goes the grizzly bear that relies on them for food.

Uncover eyewitness accounts of dying forests.

Leif Haugen, Fire Lookout
Credit: Tom Persinger

Yelling “Fire”

Wildfire season is upon us, and in remote areas of the country, some rugged men and women are charged with spotting fires when they break out, providing a warning to the rest of us.

Discover what it takes to be a fire lookout.

Credit: American Forests

The Value of an Urban Forest

Need or want to complete an urban forest assessment? Don’t know where to start? Our new Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide can help.

Utilize the new assessment guide.

700 Champion Trees and Counting

That’s a pretty impressive number of champion trees for one of the smallest states in the country — especially considering New Hampshire’s Big Tree Program is run completely by volunteers with no funding. The state’s big tree lovers have banded together, though, to create a thriving program.

Unearth the big trees in one of our most forested states.

Credit: New Hampshire Big Tree Program




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