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Help Save the Grizzlies

This grizzly family’s food supply is under threat. Find out what American Forests is doing to fight mountain pine beetle infestations and replant whitebark pine.

Watch the video.

Credit: Tom Persinger

The Leopold Legacy

As the National Park Service prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, we revisit the quiet stand of pines that inspired a 50-year legacy in land management.

Visit the pines and discover the legacy.

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Monarchs on the Mind

The migration of the monarch butterflies is one of nature’s most captivating mysteries, but concern is growing for the future of this natural phenomenon — and with good reason.

Find out why it’s been a devastating year for monarchs.

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EarthCaching the Champions

EarthCaching is a type of geocaching in which a natural feature of the land is the sought-after cache. What better treasure to go hunting for than a champion tree?

Start your geocaching adventure.

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