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Tigers’ Welcome Return

Witness the return of the Amur, or Siberian, tiger. A new report reveals that Russia is earning its stripes
in the efforts to save the endangered tiger — which American Forests helped!

Travel to Russia and rediscover the Siberian tiger.

Credit: Erika Eckstrom

More Than Lakes

Journey to New York, where tucked among the famous Finger Lakes is a national forest that is the second smallest U.S. national forest and a haven for hikers, horseback riders and more.

Enter Finger Lakes National Forest.

Credit: Trevor Snapp/American Forests

Share a Forest Memory

Tell us about your favorite forest, forest activity, memory in or of a forest, etc. Starting next month, we’ll be featuring stories from you, our wonderful readers, about why you love forests.


Finding Strength and Solace in a Tree

Sallie’s Crying Tree in Marion, Virginia, was named after a slave girl who befriended the tree 150 years ago. Today, the large white oak stands as a reminder of times past and those to come. And, standing beside it is Sallie’s granddaughter, who shares the tree’s stories with those in Marion and beyond.

Discover Sallie’s Crying Tree.

Credit: Robert Llewellyn



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