Credit: Douglas Brown

Southbound Snowies

Snowy owls are venturing farther south than usual, giving bird watchers a rare opportunity. But it’s still not clear what’s causing their longer-than-normal travels.

Witness the journey of the owls.

Credit: Aaron M. Ellison

Ants and Trees

From the first growth spurts of the tiniest seedling to the final days of the mightiest giant, ants are there, shaping the lives of trees.

Watch ants shape the life of trees from seed to soil.

Credit: Elliot Freeman/Flickr

History of Urban Forests

The term “urban forestry” may not have become part of America’s vernacular until the 20th century, but the work and practices extend to ancient times, and we’ve been involved in urban forestry for more than a century.

Discover urban forests, from ancient times to today..

Bob Hannah and the Champions of West Virginia

Bob Hannah is dedicated to searching West Virginia for big trees to conserve. Some of his finds are state and even national champions.

Marvel at the champions.

Credit: Bob Hannah



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