August Forest Files

VideoEndangered grizzly
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Saving Endangered Wildlife

Right here in America, as much as 80 percent of terrestrial wildlife depends on forests. As forests disappear, their food supply and homes disappear.
Find out how you can help.

Action Alert
Forests in need
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Tell Obama to Make Forests a Priority

Help us reach 10,000 supporters by signing our petition to President Obama urging him to make forestry a priority in his Climate Change Action Plan.
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Loose Leaf
Hawksbill turtle
Legis/Wikimedia Commons

National Park Loyal to Native Wonders

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park is a unique land of volcanoes and rainforests. Join us in October to visit this magical place and learn more about the dangers facing some of Hawaiʻi’s native treasures.
Discover the park.

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Standing Tall
Forestry Measurement Tools

Missed the Webinar?

No problem! Our webinars on how to measure trees — including potential champions! — are now available on our website and YouTube channel, so you can learn how to measure like the pros on your own schedule.

Learn how to measure trees.

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