Grizzly bear
Credit: R. Anson Eaglin

Tree Check Month

August is a prime time for spotting an invasive pest that is devastating our hardwood trees. While outside this month, take a few moments to check your area trees for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle.

Fight against this invasive pest.

McAfee Knob, Appalachian Trail
Credit: Courtesy of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

One Step at a Time

On August 14, 1937, the Appalachian Trail was completed. The iconic 2,180 mile-long footpath passes through 14 states from Georgia to Maine and represents the ultimate challenge for hikers.

Travel the Appalachian Trail.

Credit: Avis Havel Hutchinson

Soaring Forest Memories

Avis Havel Hutchinson’s fondest forest memory: “Finding an injured juvenile red-tailed hawk, getting help in capturing it, taking it to a rehab center and then watching its release two months later.”

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Old-growth hemlock

The Importance of Big, Old Trees

Big, old trees play a vital and unique role in ecosystems around the world, providing habitat for wildlife and keeping forests healthy. American Forests Science Advisory Board member Dr. Jerry Franklin discusses how big, old trees are essential to our forests and what kind of policy is needed to protect them.

Discover the power of big, old trees.

Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli




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