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2013 Global ReLeaf Projects Announced

American Forests is partnering with organizations across the country and around the world to plant more than 1.8 million trees in 2013. These projects will help reforest areas damaged by wildfire, agriculture, disease, deforestation and natural disasters.

Check out our Global ReLeaf plans.

Credit: Tom Potterfield

Backyard Biodiversity

Backyard landscaping is a conservation effort with quick results — if done correctly. Speakers at the 78th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference explain how planting native species can dramatically increase a property’s biodiversity.

Improve your yard’s ecosystem.

Credit: Michael Wojtech

The Language of Bark

Want to know how to identify different kinds of trees? Michael Wojtech thinks looking at their bark may be the best way. Read about how one man developed a new kind of field guide.

Discover different types of bark.

Nebraska’s Garden of Eden

When J. Sterling Morton moved to the territory of Nebraska in 1855, he was appalled by the region’s lack of trees. How did he change the landscape and create a home for 10 state champion trees?

Learn about Morton and Arbor Day’s origins.


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