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Celebrate the History of Our Nation’s Trees

Parade Magazine — July 3, 2014 — “If trees could talk, they’d have a lot to tell us about the history of our nation. Among the longest lived plants on the planet, trees represent our past, present and even our future.”

“Many trees have witnessed history and have the potential to see the achievements of future generations,” says R.J. Laverne, a board-certified master arborist at The Davey Tree Expert Company. “Trees chronicle the events of a region year after year. Their rings tell stories of droughts, floods and diseases,” he says. “They record evidence of lightning storms, heat waves, mild summers and bitter winters. With each layer of growth, they mark the passage of time and hold countless secrets within their trunks.”

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“National park loyal to native wonders”Loose Leaf

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park is intent in its duty to restore endangered plant and animal species so they can freely roam the land that they call home.

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Monarch butterfly

“Flight to Plight: Witnessing the Imperiled Migration of the Monarchs”American Forests

Two American Forests’ Monarchs in Mexico Forestscape attendees recap their adventures and discuss the shocking decline of the monarch butterfly population.

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