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Urban forestry’s next frontier

Loose Leaf — January 26, 2015 — “Urban forestry. The term itself seems contradictory. I used to gird myself when telling people what I do for a living. The inevitable bafflement would usually be followed by a pleasantly patronizing, “It’s nice you’re doing something you enjoy.”

I would never argue, though, because I really do enjoy this work. I enjoy its depth of impact that we are only beginning to understand, from improving air and water quality to influencing crime, obesity, psychology and energy, urban forestry encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Before becoming American Forests’ director of urban forest programs, I worked in the District of Columbia’s unique city-state structure. Any given day could have me collaborating on a multi-state analysis before being awoken at three in the morning to move a tree out of a major thoroughfare before rush hour.

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Amour Vert Taps Lily KwongWomen’s Wear Daily

Amoutr Vert, and eco-conscious clothing brand, that plants a tree for every shirt sold will now be lead by Lily Kwong.

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Beauty in the detailsAmerican Forests Magazine

A photographer follows the example of early conservationist John Muir and finds beauty in subtle landscapes.

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