American Forests



By Nicholas A. Tonelli

This cascading stream, sometimes called Beech Bottom Run, is among the most picturesque to grace the remote, rugged depths of north-central Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Plateau. Found at the Forrest H. Dutlinger Natural Area, the stream forms a memorable setting: a deep mountain hollow with eroded, mossy rocks and towering stands of old-growth hemlock and hardwood trees.

An amateur naturalist and self-taught photographer, Nicholas A. Tonelli combines his passion for photography with his enjoyment of hiking and the outdoors. From deep forests to sweeping vistas of land and sky, he’ll shoot whatever catches his eye. Tonelli enjoys exploring the extensive but often little-known wild and natural areas found in his native Pennsylvania as well as in neighboring states. By showcasing these areas, he hopes to dispel the myth that the region is nothing more than a crowded, paved-over, heavily industrialized stretch of land. Nature abounds; each hike, in fact, presents the opportunity to experience nature in a uniquely different way.

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